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The free "Battle Strategy Checklist" was created to be a summary guide companion to the book "Be the Warrior Queen: Practical Christian Strategies for Women to Achieve Victory in a Chaotic World."

About the Book:

Warrior Queens Rise Up! It’s time for God’s daughters to take back territory the enemy has stolen.


For ages, women have been the glue that holds families and organizations together. And yet, society seems determined to wreak havoc on women’s identities, making it difficult for God’s daughters to fulfill their God-given destinies.


BE THE WARRIOR QUEEN is a guidebook full of practical Christian strategies that line up with God’s Word. These strategies can be implemented easily to restore peace to your life and strengthen your walk with God, all while enabling you to press ahead into your destiny as a daughter of Almighty God.


It’s time to take a stand for our families, our communities, and our nation. No matter what your struggle is, this guidebook will give you the tools you need to step into your role as a warrior queen for God’s Kingdom.

Get Your Free Checklist

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Battle Strategy Checklist is the FREE PDF companion to the book, "Be the Warrior Queen"!

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